Dr camellia torabizadeh
                                        Academic Position: Associate Professor

         Education: PhD in nursing education
         Location: Shiraz - Namazi Square
         Fax:0711- 6474252 

Dean's responsibilities:

-         Supervision on the perfect administration of regulations declared by the university's presidency.

-         Provision of appropriate opportunities for the students' educational improvement and maturation of their aptitudes by efficient management and organization of human and financial resources of college.

-         Creation of accordance and coordination in educational, research, departmental and financial affairs of college.

-         Supervision on good performance of faculties' educational, research, and procedural responsibilities.

-         Assessment and coordination of the function of all the units and subunits of the college.

-         Estimation and suggestion of annual budget.

-         Supervision on the work of the educational, research and cultural councils and comities of college.

-         Evaluation of the annual work of different units of college and reporting to the university's presidency.

-         Assessment of the efficacy of vice presidencies and evaluation of their work.


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